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Jack In The Green Morris Men are from the Monadnock Region of Southwest New Hampshire. 

We perform dances in the style developed in the Cotswold Hills of England in the 19th century. Morris dancing can be traced back to the English courts of the 14th Century and may be considerably older than that. We specialize in the dances from the villages of Bledington and Bessels Leigh, but many of our dances are originals composed in the styles of those villages.

Our dancing season begins each year in late April at the New England Folk Festival and for over 20 years we have been dancing the sun up on May Day Morning at the top of Pack Monadnock and other spectacular local natural sites. We perform at festivals, street fairs, church celebrations and often at the spur of the moment outside pubs. We have danced throughout the Northeast and Canada.

Our "kit" consists of handmade pale green shirts, forest green knickers and vivid green shoelaces in our black shoes. We are also a singing group, specializing in old songs with rousing choruses about the sea, the changes in the season, and other timeless topics.

- Craig Brandon